Integrity, Dedication, Passion

Boss Designs is a locally owned, and female operated small business dedicated to providing courteous and reliable service, professional results and equal opportunity employment in a historically male-dominated industry.
Since returning to the Maritimes I was very pleased to learn that the craftsmanship I possess is not only in great demand but also highly respected in our internationally recognized community of Artisans and Traditional Master Craftsmen.
I truly enjoy and take great pride in restoring antique furniture to its original beauty, and I am most confident that my meticulous attention to detail will certainly surpass expectations. My business and reputation has been built upon the sincerity, integrity, and dedication, which I wholeheartedly put into every project I take on. I have worked diligently to develop a diverse skill set focusing primarily on traditional furniture making, and upholstery techniques.  I am always honoured, and humbled when clients entrust their priceless treasures with me, and know they are being treated as nothing less than just that.

I have been privileged to work on a number of diverse restoration projects, and have developed a familiarity with the original techniques used to build both antique and old world furniture. I am also aware of, and sensitive to many of the potential issues that can arise during the restoration process, which, in combination with my passion for this craft, has enabled me to ensure the pieces I work on always maintain their historic, aesthetic, and sentimental integrity.

Finish restoration is the process of bringing an existing finish back to life. There is a lot of difference between restoring and repairing. You may achieve functionality with a repair, but restoring an item properly is an art form. I always carefully evaluate the projects I work on to ensure I am able to provide the best possible outcome for my clients. I love to make great use of the supportive community of artisans and crafts people we have here in the Nova Scotia. and regularly research and call on the expertise of local antique traders and appraisers when in doubt!
For me, this work is not just a job; it is my passion, and a part of my identity.

Pricing Notes

All labor prices listed include miscellaneous refinishing and repair supplies, including period appropriate internal structures/fittings (foam, springs, animal hairs, etc.), stains, as well as finishes, however does not include upholstery fabric/material. To achieve the highest quality finish possible as well as ensure longevity of the pieces I work on, I typically choose an Italian hard finish for most wood surfaces, however prior to beginning work I will always discuss and confirm my clients preference with regard to aesthetic details and products used.

For your reference and general knowledge I have listed some yardage estimates for various pieces of furniture.

• Club Chair: 3.5 yards/each

• Wingback Chair: 6 yards/each

• Dining Chair (Seats): 1 yard/4 seats

I look forward to working with you